About Me

I am a software developer who specializes in AI and machine learning. I have many years of experience in a variety of software and languages, including Python, GoLang, C/C++, and Java.

From a young age, computers have held my interest. I was using Linux, building and repairing computers, and teaching myself C++ in my teens before I began my college career in computer science at 18. Six years later, I completed a masters degree in computer science with a 4.0 GPA.

As a research assistant at Cal State Fullerton, I helped a team by implementing a multi-modal biometric authentication system in Java and co-authored papers in CACM as well as the WIFS and ICSEA 2015 conferences.

An avid self learner, I am constantly working on my own projects like building servers, maintaining my blog, competing in Kaggle competitions, and making Android apps including my most recent app CombinoChord (available via Google Play).

For professional inquiries, consulting, or other questions please contact me via email.

If my content has helped you in some way, please let me know with a comment or even a donation.

Bitcoin Address: 1GnxA1LEixjoYpe1iin55yJNBRSSfQQ9Ev



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Happened to see the POE learning sim, would you need another machine or two running it for additional learning? I’d love to help as I am starting to learn about neural networks just for fun and hoping to build one myself.


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