End User License Agreement

Thank you for your interest in my software!

These terms are an agreement between you and the author of the software, Nicholas T. Smith. By using the software, you accept and acknowledge these terms. IF YOU DO NOT OR ARE NOT ABLE TO ACCEPT THESE TERMS, DO NOT USE THE SOFTWARE.

The Terms

  1. The software is offered “as is.”
  2. The software comes with no warranty of any kind.
  3. Tech support for the software is offered at the will of the author.
  4. Any and all predictions made by the software are offered under no warranty.
  5. The software may lose functionality at any time, due to changes outside of the author’s control.
  6. Under NO circumstances shall the author or copyright holders be liable for any claim, damage, or other liability arising from, out of, or in connection with the software, its use, or other dealings with the software.