On the Analysis and Prediction of Recessions in the USA

This chapter explores recessions in the United States of America. Datasets are collected from a variety of locations including the Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) and from the website of Yale professor and Nobel laureate Dr. Robert J. Shiller. A classifier model is constructed which predicts recessions and this model is analyzed for useful insights.

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Stock Market Prediction in Python Part 2

This post is part of a series on artificial neural networks (ANN) in TensorFlow and Python.

  1. Stock Market Prediction Using Multi-Layer Perceptrons With TensorFlow
  2. Stock Market Prediction in Python Part 2
  3. Visualizing Neural Network Performance on High-Dimensional Data
  4. Image Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks in TensorFlow

This post revisits the problem of predicting stock prices based on historical stock data using TensorFlow that was explored in a previous post. In the previous post, stock price was predicted solely based on the date. First, the date was converted to a numerical value in LibreOffice, then the resulting integer value was read into a matrix using numpy. As stated in the post, this method was not meant to be indicative of how actual stock prediction is done. This post aims to slightly improve upon the previous model and explore new features in tensorflow and Anaconda python. The corresponding source code is available here.

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