Malware Detection and Classification using Logistic Regression

In this post, an approach to detecting malware using machine learning is presented. System call activity is processed and analyzed by a classification model to detect the presence of malicious applications.

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Introducing GopherJoy: A Controller Input Application

So, I was looking for a way to use my XBox 360 Controller for Windows to browse the web and play games without built-in controller support. After searching for a while, I found most existing applications were either not free or did not work very well. Some required extra dll files (pro-tip DON’T search for “[insert name].dll missing” and download the first thing you find), or were not fully functional. Having experience handling mouse and keyboard input using Windows API, I decided to see if I could come up with something better. The result: GopherJoy.

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ShortX: A Hotkey Program for Windows

This post introduces a new program I wrote in Go and C named ShortX. ShortX allows for the creation of keyboard shortcuts that can be used to trigger other keys or commands. The program runs in the background and triggers shortcuts that are specified in a simple ini file.

Expansion is accomplished using low-level Windows API calls so that resource utilization is kept low. ShortX is useful for launching program in Windows, for custom macros in games, and more. Program executables are available on the Software page.

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