Precipitation Totals by City in the USA

The following plots show the average amount of precipitation over the past 70 years for 8 cities in the USA. Each sub-image depicts a hypothetical calendar month and each colored square in a sub-image depicts a single day. The color of a given square describes the amount of precipitation a city receives for the day corresponding to that square on average.

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Ancestry Determination via Genetic Variant Analysis Part 2

In this post, the techniques outlined in an earlier blog post are employed to predict the ancestry of the author. Two approaches are considered: an approach using a classification model and one using similarity functions. Finally, scatter plots depicting low dimensional projections of the data are shown, plotting the genome of the author alongside samples from the IGSR dataset.

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Sunrise and Sunset Times by City

The following plots show the amount of daylight, sunrise time, and sunset time for four US cities throughout the year of 2019.

Figure 1: Hours of Daylight, Sunrise Time, and Sunset Time by City

The rise and set times are shown in local time without adjustment for daylight saving times (DST). Data obtained from the U.S. Naval Observatory Astronomical Applications Department.