An Annotated Timeline of the Bitcoin to USD Exchange Rate


Introducing GopherJoy: A Controller Input Application

So, I was looking for a way to use my XBox 360 Controller for Windows to browse the web and play games without built-in controller support. After searching for a while, I found most existing applications were either not free or did not work very well. Some required extra dll files (pro-tip DON’T search for “[insert name].dll missing” and download the first thing you find), or were not fully functional. Having experience handling mouse and keyboard input using Windows API, I decided to see if I could come up with something better. The result: GopherJoy.

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A Deep Learning Based AI for Path of Exile: A Series

This post is the first in a series on creating an AI for the game Path of Exile based on deep learning and other machine learning techniques. A list of posts in this series follows.

  1. A Deep Learning Based AI for Path of Exile: A Series
  2. Calibrating a Projection Matrix for Path of Exile
  3. PoE AI Part 3: Movement and Navigation
  4. PoE AI Part 4: Real-Time Screen Capture and Plumbing
  5. AI Plays Path of Exile Part 5: Real-Time Obstacle and Enemy Detection using CNNs in TensorFlow

The goal of the project is to create an AI that operates based on visual input, is able to navigate levels successfully, can defend itself, and of course to have fun and learn something in the process.

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Replacing the Fan of a NVidia GTX 970 Reference Edition

I recently acquired a NVidia GTX 970 Founder’s Edition. The device had a damaged fan. As can be clearly seen in the photo, the fan did not sit properly in the mount. This caused the fan to scrape against its metal housing, preventing it from spinning. Actually it’s not clear at all. Nevertheless, the side closest to the camera is higher than the other.

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Multi-Layer Perceptron Networks in Theano and TensorFlow: An Implementation and Benchmark

A past blog post explored using multi-layer-perceptrons (MLP) to predict stock prices using Tensorflow and Python. This post introduces another common library used for artificial neural networks (ANN) and other numerical purposes: Theano. An MLP Python class is created implemented using Theano, and then the performance of the class is compared with the TFANN class in a benchmark.

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