Analysis of the 2016 US General Election

Counties within the United States vary substantially along a number of demographic and socioeconomic axes. These factors explain much of the variation observed throughout the US with respect to election and polling trends. This post attempts to untangle some of this complexity to give insight into the factors that influence voter behavior and other broader national trends.
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Precipitation Totals by City in the USA

The following plots show the average amount of precipitation over the past 70 years for 8 cities in the USA. Each sub-image depicts a hypothetical calendar month and each colored square in a sub-image depicts a single day. The color of a given square describes the amount of precipitation a city receives for the day corresponding to that square on average.

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Ancestry Determination via Genetic Variant Analysis Part 2

In this post, the techniques outlined in an earlier blog post are employed to predict the ancestry of the author. Two approaches are considered: an approach using a classification model and one using similarity functions. Finally, scatter plots depicting low dimensional projections of the data are shown, plotting the genome of the author alongside samples from the IGSR dataset.

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Ancestry Determination via Genetic Variant Analysis


Sequencing of the human genome began in 1990 as part of the Human Genome Project. With the technology available at the time, the project was a substantial undertaking. The human genome contains two sets of 23 chromosomes each with roughly 3.2 billion base pairs. A number of institutions, in countries around the world, participated in the project. Thirteen years later the project was complete at a cost of roughly three billion US dollars. The result was the first reference human genome.

Rapid advances in the field of genomics have dramatically lowered the cost of genetic sequencing and have ushered in the age of the once fabled “$1000 genome.” Now, a growing list of companies offer whole genome sequencing for hundreds of dollars with turn around time measured in weeks. This technology enables introspection into the sequences of nucleobases that comprise DNA and thus the genes of anyone curious enough to take the plunge.

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